Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cars everywhere

Last weekend, which I know is almost a week ago, we travelled north to a Shine 'n Show exhibition.

This year the event was held at Maitland Park, a sloping grassy area with side shows set up at one end ... to keep children occupied I guess; a speaker system that must have been able to be heard for miles so loud was the music.  Perhaps my elderly ears are more sensitive to loud music [?? noise?] but I do wonder how younger ears will fare in 40 or 50 years.

There were Mustangs, vehicles with motors almost larger than the body, and cars that we remembered from our younger days, and cars that were polished until reflections were easily visible.
The day was hot, reaching the low 30's, which at this time of year is hot, though I must add the following day the temperature reached 38 degrees, dropping the following day to a high of 23.  I did seek shelter at one stage as Significant Other chatted to owners of these 'dream vehicles'.  The palm tree where I sought shade was a bad choice, as it wasn't for a few minutes before I noted a column of ants parading across the grass and climbing up the trunk.  I moved quickly!

I think my favourite was an elderly Holden towing a caravan of the same vintage.  Oh how caravans have expanded over the decades! 
Another fascinating vehicle was a decorated hearse.  The owner informed us that today people are demanding something different for their final journey.  I informed him his vehicle will not be carrying me on my last journey! 
In the back he had an open coffin, which seemed very narrow, in which 'rested' a skeleton, and along the top edge were two rats.  Very off putting! 
I probably sound a prude now, but in my mind it was disrespectful.

There were a few motor bikes;
and some racing machines; a ferris wheel reached for the sun, and many bare arms and shoulders turned lobster red.