Sunday, July 19, 2015

Colourful birds

In this part of the world there is a saying 'You silly galah' uttered when someone is doing something that they have obviously given little thought to.  In actual fact the galah is a rather attractive bird, native to Australia.  Their lovely pink and grey plumage could form the basis of a  gorgeous d├ęcor for a lounge room; restful and easy on the eyes but still with a hint elegance.
We are privileged to see galahs every day as they move from tree to tree or from paddock to paddock as they 'graze' the seeding grasses.  I like them!  I love to see them perched in rows on the fence lines, or the power or telephone wires, and hold my breath as they suddenly swoop across the road as we drive by.  Trucks carrying grain from silos to port often leave a small trail of grain [not unlike the childhood story of Hansel and Gretel who trailed bread crumbs to enable them to find their way out of the forest] and galahs find these grains of wheat an unexpected treat.  They are daring!  It isn't until vehicles are almost upon them that they fly to the roadside verge escaping the turning wheels of their feeding wagon.
The above photo shows a flock of galahs busily feeding in the neighbour's paddock ... this year the vegetation is extremely short as we are not receiving our normal quota of rain.