Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bus Stop

We all know bus stops; some offer little shelter, others are havens to while away the moments until the bus trundles along.  I have waited for a bus, or should I call it a coach, where no shelter prevails, and have stood waiting in a shelter wondering if the driver, or captain if it is a coach, will actually see me waiting.
Our nearest town has two coach stops; one outside the Information Centre which is where tickets can be purchased, and the other two or three kilometers along the route. 
This second stop is in the busy marina precinct and has a shelter blending into the landscape, that at first I hadn't realised what it represented.
The shelter is the shape of an upturned dinghy and draped along the uprights that separate the dinghy from the seat are various crustaceans that provide a distinctive seaside flavour.  When I cast my mind back I don't believe I have spied a potential coach rider sitting on that seat; perhaps the octupus and lobsters are a deterrent?


This bus stop must be unique?


Sunday, April 7, 2013

hot or cross?

Easter has been and gone.  It is rather sad that the meaning of Easter has been lost in the great egg/rabbit/chocolate 'buy-up'.  Our radio station had some lovely coverage at Easter; many folk phoned in with their version of some Easter traditions. 
Of course hot cross buns were mentioned.  Now I love hot cross buns ... at Easter, not from Boxing Day until Easter.  I got to thinking [it has been known to happen] as to how hot cross buns came about.  I know about the cross, but ... is it a 'hot cross' bun, or a hot 'cross bun'?  We had quite a discussion about that little conundrum, and as happens when folk have time on their hands, the discussion enlarged to the emphasis put on phrases, and how the meaning is altered.
Over the years my old adversary, Meniere's, visits without invitation; and recently decided to invade my head space.  I place some blame onto the air flight in February, but when suddenly, on Thursday, my head did a flip, dizzily dancing around to the stage where I thought I would fall to the ground, Significant Other took me to outpatients.  A girl of wisdom years cannot be too careful!  Blood pressure = OK, ECG = OK, pulse = still working, so the concensus was 'Meniere's, and medication prescribed. 
A couple of days of lethargy and sleep leave me feeling slightly improved today, but while the symptons resembled previous attacks, I have a feeling that somewhere along the way I may have been in contact with a viral infection as well.  Once one is on the mend, there is only one way to travel ... up!!