Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wipes brow!

Whew!!  Today was, still is, hot; very hot, too hot!
Thankfully after doing the ironing early in the morning household chores were minimal.  Beginning a 'secret challenge' meant that I could sit and stitch without feeling guilty.  Easier said than done in the sweltering heat, but I have managed to put into stitches the idea floating around in my mind. 
As the temperature rose the perspiration dripped from my brow; plenty of water was essential ... too often I have felt the effects of not drinking fluids ... lesson learned!
Two photos, taken indoors, show just how hot it was.
Woops, the clock is a little lopsided ... I must have held the camera sideways!  But the two dials tell the tale.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Year has begun

Our small town holds a Market Day the first Saturday of each month with a variety of interesting stalls.  Cakes, apple pie [a must!], pickles, plants, books, DVD's, jewellery, crystals, and many other bits and pieces that make for curious browsing.
We are regulars to visit the Markets, and I find the mix of stall holders fascinating.  Some sit at the back of their gazebo tent watching the passing parade, others wander amongst their product which makes me wonder if they are expecting the public to not only look, but to take when the stall holders eyes are turned.
Not far from where we park is Mr Toolman who has spades, drills and bits, screwdrivers, you name it he has it, while Mrs Toolman has interesting crockery and nick knacks.  I try to not look there too long as I have a perchance for crockery, buying teapots [and seldom drink tea] just because they are interesting. 
Mr and Mrs Toolman have a dog, a gorgeous big eyed King Charles Cavalier who enjoys do-nuts for breakfast, and who relishes the attention of passers-by.  Needless to say this stall is always my first port of call ... and the obligatory pat of the dog is all important.
After wishing Mr and Mrs Toolman Happy New Year I wandered close to the little dog who views the passing parade from the comfort of a deck chair.  Once I was close to the dog I wished him a Happy New Year [one must spread a little cheer if possible] and yesterday those three little words had a profound effect!
Little dog smiled at me, no, not smiled, he grinned.  Such a simple appreciation of a few words of greeting brought a smile to my face for the rest of the day.  I guess if there is any one thing to take from this posting it could be ... pay attention to the little things in life as they often bring the most joy.