Monday, January 7, 2013

Back home

After spending three weeks in Perth we are once again back home ... thunder storm with impressive sheet lightning and tremendous claps of thunder that echoed around the landscape, followed by 9mm of rain did nothing to cool the air.  Today it is hot, and humid ... one drips incessantly!  Roll on Autumn.
Unfortunately several states of Australia are experiencing a heatwave of the bush fire variety, with Tasmania being extremely hard hit.  It is difficult to visualise a fire roaring across the terrain leaving a trail of destruction, but that is what is happening.
A trip into town this morning produced a pile of mail ... Christmas all over, but as we were not home, this was in fact part of Christmas.  Rather nice in fact to come home to parcels to unwrap, presents to ooh and aah over, and cards to open.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 ... here I come

The beginning of another year sees me working along the lines of more regular blogging.
We are not at home, but in Perth, house and dog sitting while eldest son and his partner, and his daughter, visit NZ, where I am certain a lot of catching up is going on.  Meanwhile Cassie is assured of a morning walk!
A quiet night; I didn't see the new year in.  By the almost silent neighbourhood it would seem that neighbours went elsewhere, that mysterious place that simply does not appear on any map, though the weather forecasters reliably inform us daily that there is rain or excessive heat there.
Summer in Perth is hot, we have the air conditioning running all day, and whilst staying away over night at the weekend witnessed the utter stupidity of some senseless souls ... a bush fire raged a few blocks away, homes were threatened, and the freeway was closed for several hours due to smoke.
This morning another bushfire [once again seemingly deliberately lit] is making its destructive way through a nearby suburb, albeit in the bushland surrounding a lake.  Senseless indeed!
Dog is resting in her bed, other half is resting on the bed, and I have dishes to attend ... a light lunch and a mini pavlova topped with cream and fresh raspberries for desert.