Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trip north

August has been productive in my many crafting facets ... not so productive in Blogging.

Earlier in August we headed north for a day trip to Kalbarri, which is about 200kms away ... a day trip that began early [for me]. 

After passing through Geraldton we headed north, with the Atlantic Ocean shining blue in the sunlight, on the left, to Northampton where we left the main highway to detour via Horrocks, a small fishing village that is quickly becoming a haven for city folks at the weekends.  We stopped for a coffee ... it was a while since breakfast ... and a muffin, munching and sipping whilst leaning over the fence that may have been built expressly to balance a coffee cup on.
But the day doesn't stand still while we sit and watch, so it was ever onward.  Luckily what appeared to be a new road, albeit not sealed and still rather unformed in places, though many of those potholes could be blamed on recent rain, gave us a shortcut to Port Gregory, another seaside village. 
Beyond the reef that enclosed a peaceful harbour we could see a fishing boat busily moving along the breakers.  Many smaller fishing craft are towed to the water's edge.

Hutt Lagoon, a pink lake, as one  entered Port Gregory is spectacular.  Reflections of clouds and the hills gave a sense of tranquility. 
Further north we detoured along a small road to the coast [again], discovering another gem.  Pancake type rocks with signs warning of danger leaned precariously over the ocean.  One could easily imagine storm surges cutting into the overhang even more.  But it was gloriously spectacular!  There was a narrow track down the steep cliff to a sheltered hollow where a fisherman was throwing the line.
But ... the road called again.  Soon we arrived in Kalbarri, which is a delicious holiday resort town with boats of several types for hire.  The camping ground had palm trees growing amongst the caravans ... this place was not a one-night stop-off!  Several days to unwind would be the order of the day for the Grey Nomads [those senior citizens who in their new [looking] 4 x wheel drive vehicles and towing caravans that any traveler of yesteryear would be more than proud. 
We came home 'the other way', traveling through bush clad countryside before the land opened up to cropping country.  A few kilometers out of Kalbarri we had to slow our journey momentarily, as six or seven emus leisurely crossed the road in front of us.  In my excitement I forgot to take a photo!

It was a weary couple who returned home after a Saturday drive north.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Sign of Spring?

Today is sunny with cloudy periods, warmer outside than indoors, but still a day when a few layers of clothing are essential.

When walking on the grass a tiny movement caught my eye.  Quietly I moved closer, and there amongst the long grass crept a tiny blue-tongue lizard; quite the tiniest blue-tongue I have seen!  [some folk call these lizards 'bob-tail lizards'.  These lizards hibernate during winter, and in all honesty I was surprised to see one out and about today ... I didn't consider it warm enough.  This baby looking as though it is a new arrival this spring had parents that frequented our place in the summer, often coming inside for an exploratory daily excursion.  Now we have an offspring! 
Of course this was a momentous camera opportunity; in fact I took two photos.  One just after I had carefully and as quietly as possible spooned some fruit nearby [blue-tongue lizards love strawberries, but sadly I have none on hand; fruit salad was the next best!] 

Within ten minutes two pieces had disappeared. 
You can tell just how tiny this lizard is against the pieces of peach and pear.  It will grow quickly!