Monday, September 23, 2013

A Day Out

Last week we motored down the road to visit the Mingenew Expo; this is the fourth Expo I have attended and the first one where the weather was iffy.  However during our visit the sun shone and the moment dark clouds appeared over the horizon we headed home as I had washing to rescue!
A cattle hide ... new handbag?
Inside the entrance a transportable caught my eye [I forgot to take a photo this early in the visit] and upon being invited to enter and look around I became more impressed.  One large room with a kitchen in one corner, and a huge bathroom through the only door.  I quickly imagined how eminently suitable such a building would be for a sewing room.  Alas ... we only looked.
Elderly tractor
The huge tent held the usual treasures.  The CWA [Country Women's Association] stand was my first stop ... who can resist home baked cakes, especially when I don't have an oven.  An iced banana cake [yet to be cut into] and a scrummy date loaf that has already been eaten were hurriedly paid for and transferred into the bag I always carry ... just in case of a purchase.
Hat anyone?
Schools from near and far advertised their curriculum in the hope to entice country students for next year; several wine stands, at least two massage tables touting for business [too early in the morning I suspect for clients], industries showing what they are about, and the nut stand.  Significant Other splashed out on a bag of mixed nuts all coated in caramel ... they are eaten!
Children's farmyard
Outside displays of new cars and trucks, new tractors, and vintage tractors, old bicycles and new bicycles, clothing, hats, animals, and food stalls were laid out in an enticing manner.  The trick is to go with a certain sum of money and when it is spent looking is the only option.