Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black lizard

Living in the country brings many creatures close to our doorstep; creatures that those dwelling in cities may never sight.
Last year Other Half called me outdoors.  I hurried but too late; the lizard he had spied on the lower branch of a gum tree had hidden, where we were not sure, but certainly away from human eyes.  We have lizards around; in late spring and early summer blue tongue lizards treat our space as their space, and before Christmas a junior blue tongue appeared regularly in the kitchen for a treat ... he [I am calling this lizard a he as it showed no fear] loved canned peaches, would eat pears, but disliked pineapple leaving it on the piece of cardboard that served as a plate, until ants found it.  After the first time when a column of ants descended, marching like troops into battle, in search of the sweet smelling fruit I made certain the cardboard plate was removed.  Who wants ants in the kitchen?
Moments ago, as I headed out the door I was startled by a sudden black movement.  I looked!!  There, scuttling as fast as he could go towards the power pole, and safety, was a very long tailed black lizard.  And yes there was a photo opportunity.
You can see the end of its tail at the bottom of the photo. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Year

Today is Australia Day, which means January is all but over.  While it arrived calmly in lovely weather, the last couple of weeks have shown us that the sun's rays are indeed warming.  We bask roast in temperatures in the 40's when any type of outside work is a no-no.  We have had one day when the temperature indoors reached 46°, several when it hovered around 45°, and many more when just above 40° was normal.  Needless to say sleep is fitful, what seems gallons of water are consumed just to see it ooze from the pores and settle as a dampness on all parts of the body.  Clothes are dripping wet, two showers a day essential ... and to say that I am looking forward to March would be an understatement!
But this Australia Day is a milestone day in the life of my daughter, who earlier in the day pledged allegiance to Australia ... she is now an Australian citizen.  To mark the occasion I made a wall-hanging, 'A home among the gum trees', which she should receive once normal postal deliveries resume after the long weekend break.
I did take some photos the evening of the day when the temperatures reached the mid-forties ... for a few short moments the sky was glowing; not from the bush fires that prevailed further south, but from the dust particles in the atmosphere. 
Today I am staying indoors partly because I have sewing to do, and partly because the endless heat soon depletes my reserves and I seriously have no desire to dehydrate myself with careless behaviour!