Monday, July 28, 2014

No to Scams!

Once upon a time I received money in an envelope; it was called my pay.  Straight away I headed to the bank and deposited a hefty proportion of that pay packet, saving some for board [I lived at home with my parents and board was expected back in those days], some I placed in my purse for 'sundries that may have included stockings [yes, before pantihose!  and nowhere near as easy to wear as pantihose], going to the movies, and perhaps a look at the sales.
Later when married for some time my husband was paid with money in an envelope until one day he was requested to give his bank account number to the company as thenceforth pays would be direct debited.  Instead of putting money in the bank we were encouraged to take it out!
Time moves forward.  Plastic cards almost took the place of money.  Herein lies my tale.
Yes, cards are easy to use; easy to spend with, which I suspect is more than half the reason the banks like them as if anyone is not careful enough to keep within their bank balance a loan [with interest] might be required from the bank.  Banks have become Big Business!
Fortunately I had a good grounding in keeping hold of money.  I now have a debit card which I will admit is invaluable in spending 'on line'.  Oh so very easy to log in, search for a fabric [as most of my sundry spending these days is on fabric to cater for my addiction of stitching and patchwork], type on the card number, if they don't use PayPal, and wait for a parcel to arrive in the post.
Recently my debit card was updated.  I did not request it be updated to a 'wave by' [or some similar foolish name] card.  In fact one of my first forays into the shops, a little bakery that sells quite delicious decadent cakes, I was asked if my card was one of these 'wave bys'.  I must have looked quite blank.  The shop assistant grabbed my card, waved it above a machine, and before I knew what had happened the transaction was complete.
On my way home, some time later, it suddenly occurred to me ... what if my handbag/purse was snatched?!!  In some places it is quite common [sad what some humans have descended into isn't it!?]  Since then I have insisted I insert my card into the machine and put in my PIN. 
Whilst at the newsagents last week my eye was taken by a stand displaying metal 'card holders'.  I asked why metal.  The reply was that they are meant to stop folk who have a scanner from scanning a card whilst it is in a handbag/purse/wallet/pocket and spending money that does not belong to them.  I bought a pretty pink one!!

Some days I wish we had money to spend!