Friday, February 6, 2015

Smoke and its not cigarettes!

Far to the south of this state bushfires are raging, one had a boundary of over 200 kms.  Thankfully few homes have been burnt; but the devastation as tall karri trees are engulfed is an ecological tragedy.
Early in the week our area, the mid west of Western Australia, had power outages that totalled 50 hours, with a four hour relief when I re-charged the computer, and did a load of washing.  The following morning the power was off again, as were the phones.  Where the previous day neighbours were able to keep in touch via the phone, the day telecommunications failed we gathered on the road exchanging woes.
However, our woes were nothing when compared to the fires burning in the south.
This morning at sunrise the sun looked weird.  As the morning wore on it became apparent that smoke was beginning to affect our area ... and by 4.00pm when I took the photo, a smoke haze made a curtain between the earth and the sky ... it is impossible to see the sky; all around smoke clings to the land.
I feel for those folk who have respiratory problems; life will be more difficult for them.


  1. Sorry i saw this post only now. Fier is one of the most frietnings things i think. You feel helpless. We used to have here a lot as part of the problems that we have here,caused by people and i remember sleepless nieghts.

  2. I too must apologise for missing this post, Shirley. You paint a vivid and frightening picture of the danger posed by wildfire and I do hope it's now under control if not completely extinguished. With your extremely hot summer, fire must always have been a big threat.

  3. Hi Shirlwin,
    I hope you are well. I am catching up with former Forum members, please hop in and see my blog too.


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